Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Cardigan - Forever21 (similar)
Socks - Forever21
Boots - Boohoo
Shorts and Tee - thrifted

Hello lovlies!
I've been wanting to get me a pair of thigh high socks and when I found these at Forever21 I couldn't pass them up! I also found this cardigan while thrift shopping this past weekend and for only $6(!!) how could i say no? It's so soft, comfy and warm! The weather wouldn't make up its mind on if it wanted to be hot or cold, so I thought this would be a perfect outfit to wear. I also want to direct your attention to these amazing boots from Boohoo. They're so wonderful and trendy and I just love them. If you're looking to pick up some good boots that won't cost you a fortune, I would highly recommend Boohoo's boots! Also, if you were wondering, i'm starting to kind of like my hair. It's still dark for my liking, but its getting there. This weekend I'm getting my senior pictures taken, so sometime this week I hope to have a lookbook type of thing up about the outfits I plan on wearing (i have a feeling this outfit will be among them). I hope you are all having a great day/ week! 

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  1. You look beautiful, Bizim Mekan I'm going to protect the form you're among the people it wishes to continue to follow keep it up :) Sohbetci