Friday, July 17, 2015



Yesterday was my 18th birthday so I wanted to share my outfit of the night. I went out to eat with my mom and brother and we had a pretty good time.

Skirt- Thrifted,  Sweater- Deb (Similar),  Sandals- Liz Claiborne

While at dinner my family gave me the presents they got for me. 

My brother got me a Captain America card and it came with the little bracelet thing (I'm obsessed with Captain America and anything Marvel in general) and $25.  My mom got me a gift card to Maurices, Walmart, and a gift card that can be used anywhere.  I'm also getting a laptop in the near future from her and my stepdad for a birthday and early graduation present.

I had a "birthday cookie" instead of a birthday cake this year.  My mom made it and it was just a very large sugar cookie with strawberry frosting.  

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Hello everyone! I'm going to try to start posting more because I really do love sharing my outfits and what I do with others. I'm going to try to "tidy" things up more for when I take pictures. I might start taking them in different locations or something, but I'm very excited about coming back!

- Brett