Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Today's outfit. Basic black jeans paired with a tank top and a really cozy and fuzzy white sweater =) Has anyone ever bought jeans from Gordmans and they have a weird smell? I've had these jeans for about 2 months and I've washed them countless times to try to get the smell out but I can't. It has like a store smell but also like burning rubber? I don't really know how to explain it haha. 

This is probably my favorite piece of jewelry that I own. I found this at Playto's Closet awhile back and I was drawn to it because it has a vintage type look and I love those types of things. 

I completely love these jeans even though they have an odd smell to them haha. I always have trouble finding jeans because they are almost always to baggy in the legs (as you can see). But, for the most part, these fit quite nicely. 

Jeans- Gordmans
Sweater- American Eagle
Boots- Target
Necklace- Playto's Closet 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


This was today's outfit. I paired this look with my black Chelsea boots because they are wondrous and can really go with anything. I didn't wear any green today (even though it's Saint Patrick's Day) because I honestly don't think I own any green clothing haha. 

A close up on my Jaws tanktop. I got this from Target awhile back and I don't think they still carry it. 

Here's the shirt without the black sweater over it =) 

Sweater- Forever21 (I think..)
Tank Top- Target
Boots- Missguided 

Monday, March 16, 2015


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OOTD - March 16, 2015

So this was my full outfit of the day. Please excuse my messy looking room and the weird(ish) way I cropped this photo. I tried to get it so you wouldn't have to see the rest of the mess behind me, but I ended up messing up the photo haha. This was a casual outfit, and I didn't look ahead to see what the weather would be like and it was about 75 today so I ended up getting kind of hot throughout the day! Also, excuse my awkward stance. Like I said I'm getting used to having a blog with my own pictures and not a blog where I'm reblogging pictures (I seriously love tumblr).

This was my shirt for today and you'll come to realize (if you stay with me) that I have a slight obsession with stripes (AND PLAID!!). But, this top was from Playto's Closet and if you haven't heard of them I highly, highly recommend you look into it! Playto's Closet is a thrift store that sells name brand clothing for less and I literally do almost all of my shopping there. 

I found these lovely boots at Target a couple years back and I absolutely love them. I'm not sure if they still sell them but you can find boots that look similar to these almost anywhere. 

This bracelet was a find of mine from when I went to Hawaii last January with my family. There were vendors selling jewelry on just about every street I walked down so I saw this gem and decided to get it. 

Hey to everyone! :)

Hello to anyone who's reading this! My name's Brett and I've decided to start a fashion/ lifestyle blog. I'll be posting OOTDs, stuff relating to fashion/ beauty, things about films and books, or anything else that I would want to blog about. I've only ever used Tumblr to blog so things might look a bit weird until I actually get Blogger figured out. So try to stick with me until then!