Thursday, August 6, 2015


Black Tshirt- thrifted / Kimono- Forever21 / Shorts- thrifted / Boots- Target (similar) / Perfume- Ulta

 Today I had a college visit so I wanted to wear an outfit that showed my style and that I could easily walk around a campus in.  I originally planned on wearing the black shirt and shorts with my Harry Potter time turner necklace I got from this etsy shop but at last minute I changed my mind. I paired my first choice of outfit (minus the necklace) with this amazing kimono that I thrifted from Playto's Closet, originally from Forever21, awhile back (it was only $6 can you believe it?!). I forgot I had it until I was rummaging through my closet trying to see if I had a cardigan/sweater because it was actually kind of chilly today. My favorite perfume was a must today. If you haven't had the chance to get a whiff of this perfume, I highly recommend you do so- it smells fantastic. 

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  1. You look beautiful, Bizim Mekan I'm going to protect the form you're among the people it wishes to continue to follow keep it up :) Sohbetci