Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Sweater- Aeropostal. 
Skirt- Kirra
Boots- Missguided

It's starting to get warmer in the Midwest so I thought it would be best to wear a skirt and pair it with a sweater type long sleeve shirt today since it can still get kind of chilly throughout the day. I really love this skirt and I think it is very unique, as I've never seen a black skirt with a zipper that goes all the way down it. I found the skirt and sweater at Playto's Closet (an obvious favorite store of mine), but I listed the brands they originally come from. 

On a side note, I ordered this dress last week from Romwe. This dress caught my eye because of the sleeves, which reminded me of Stevie Nicks (my all time favorite singer). The sleeves are very wide and this dress has a gorgeous lace design at the hem and the upper arm area. I can't wait to style and wear this once it gets a little warmer. 

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